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What is barre?

Barre originated from dance, but no fancy moves required here. It uses micromovement exercises to develop lean muscles, increase flexibility, and improve stamina and balance. Barre classes are all about core engagement and short, pulsing movements. Who ever thought such tiny movements could burn so good?

Word to the wise

How to be ready

The myth of barre is that you have to be a dancer, or a female, to participate. So not true. Barre exercises increase strength and agility—no matter who you are.

What to wear to barre class: form-fitting clothes that you are comfortable in.

What to bring: water, a towel, and grip socks (most studios require them) 

Types of Barre

Most barre classes follow a similar sequence, but there are a few different types of classes out there for you to try if you’re looking for something fresh:


This is the most common class you’ll see offered. Although the sequences may change from studio to studio, most follow a similar pattern and class structure and will use props like weights, balls, blocks, and bands.

Cardio Barre®
Cardio Barre®

If you’re looking for a more high-energy class, this class will kick it up a notch with classic barre plus continual fat burning moves. Get ready to really feel that burn!

Barre yoga
Barre yoga

This hybrid class is designed to give you the best of both worlds—the fine-toning of barre mixed with that find-your-zen yoga high, all centered around the breath.

Eat, sleep, tuck, repeat.

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