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Published Monday Apr 16, 2018 by Brittany Raine

Quickly Discover Classes That Work for Your Schedule


Searching for a last-minute sweat session or maybe you want to book a little Saturday zen? We’re making it even easier to fit your fitness in when you want. Using the MINDBODY app’s newest Date + Time Slider, you can get up and move with classes and services that fit your life—and your calendar! Choose your day and time frame to slide, tap and view class listings, prices and availability quickly and effortlessly. 

Here’s how our new Date + Time Slider can work with your schedule and your fitness routine!



Book While You’re On the Go! 

Busy week? Whether it’s work, the kids, or trying to sneak a class in between travel, you can now open the MINDBODY app and instantly get a glimpse of the best classes in your desired location based on your time preferences. Easily choose your date, slide to set the time of day you want to search and find your next workout. 

Customize Your Search to Fit You.

Only have time to workout between 8 am, and 9 am? Or maybe you’re free all day? Don’t change your schedule—the MINDBODY app will surface class results based on your preferences. With the MINDBODY app’s Date + Time Slider, save time by quickly finding and booking classes on the exact date and time you want. Find your fitness in no time at all! 

Thousands of Classes. Millions of Options. 

If your calendar is full with little room to budge, don’t worry—the MINDBODY app gives you choices. With the ability to browse and book thousands of classes any time of day, you can find what you need, when you need it. 

Explore all your options and find the classes or services you want with the MINDBODY app’s newest Date + Time Slider.



Brittany Raine MINDBODY
Written by
Brittany Raine
Consumer Content Program Manager
About the author
A free-spirited farmgirl from New York, Brittany traded her job as a journalist and newspaper editor for the San Diego sunshine. Brittany now leads the curation of all creative content. There are rumors she was Middle Earth's warrior elven queen in a past life.
breast cancer awareness month
Published Tuesday Sep 27, 2022 by Bree Lewis

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month—Here’s How You Can Make a Difference

Approximately 12,000 women aged 40 or younger are diagnosed with breast cancer every year*. Fortunately, there are preventative steps that we can take to help protect ourselves and each other—one of the best ones being exercise. That’s right. Not only does exercise help us release endorphins, but just 30 minutes of exercise three to four times per week can help decrease a person’s risk of developing breast cancer by 30–50%*.

This is hope in a statistic. Just by adopting a more healthy, active lifestyle, we could prevent the risk of developing breast cancer, while also inspiring others to reduce their risk as well. Keep A Breast Foundation has made doing just this their mission through their annual fundraising campaign, Fit 4 Prevention.

Every October, studios from all over the globe participate by raising money through donation-based workout classes for the Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB). They have created a national movement dedicated to educating others about breast cancer prevention through fitness and wellness—something Mindbody is extremely passionate about. Participating in your favorite activities, all while supporting, preventing, and spreading awareness about breast cancer awareness? Let’s get moving.

Encourage your favorite studio to sign up for the event

If you want to take a donation-based class at your favorite studio, encourage your favorite studios to sign up to bring your community closer together in a meaningful way. Registering is quick and easy. If you think your local studio may be interested in participating, have them check out KAB’s help pagewhere they can learn how to register for a donation-based class during the month of October. KAB even has a social media kit available to fitness studios to help them promote their donation-based classes.  

Other ways to help

Can’t find a local studio to take a donation-based class near you? Don’t worry, you can still give your support by donating directly to KAB’s website. Luckily, any time that you are moving your body and spreading the word—you’re doing your part in spreading awareness on how to help prevent breast cancer. That is beyond amazing.

This October, we hope you’ll join us in our plight to support the KAB Foundation and its mission to help prevent breast cancer through cultivating a healthier, more active lifestyle. Through movement, health, and wellness—we can reach great heights, together.

To learn more about the KAB Foundation and its mission and how you can get involved further, visit their website.

* National Cancer Institute

bree lewis headshot
Written by
Bree Lewis
Marketing Content Associate
About the author
Born and raised in a small mountain town just south of Yosemite National Park, Bree is an avid lover of health, wellness, and connecting to the outside world around us. As a Cal Poly English major alumn, she has a knack for books, writing, and all things words. In her free time, she enjoys being outside, drinking craft beers, and keeping life jazzy!