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spring fitness workouts
Published Tuesday Mar 03, 2020 by Brittany Raine

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine with These 4 Workouts


After what seems like the longest winter in years, daylight savings time is finally upon us, and we are giving those chilly months—and all the same old exercises we tried in the last three months—the cold shoulder. 

If you’re looking for a fresh start when it comes to your fitness routine, there’s no better time than now! Seize the day (and the warmer season) with four of our favorite workouts that will keep you on your toes well through summer. 


aerial yoga workout

Aerial Yoga + Fitness

Have you ever wanted to look fly while actually flying? Earn your wings and seriously tone your muscles with an aerial class. Studios like AIR West Hollywood are more than just aerial yoga—their workouts will test your strength while defining gravity. Plus, you don’t have to be a frequent flyer to take advantage of the full-body benefits. With classes meant for all levels, you’ll get a hands-on lesson from instructors who fuse everything from Pilates to HIIT so you can find your flow, no mat required.  

dance cardio fitness workouts


You don’t have to have rhythm (or experience) to reap the benefits from a dance class. Just get ready, grab your sneakers, and sweat it out to some booty-shaking songs. Newer boutique studios like 305 Fitness—with locations in NYC, Boston, Washington DC, and LA—offer a live DJ, mood lighting and crazy cool workout classes. Or if you want to *actually* channel your inner Beyonce, check out Confidance in San Francisco! It’s all about burning calories to sick beats and bringing the club to the fitness classroom. 


rebounding trampoline fitness


*Literally* spring into spring with a rebounding class! Whether you’re a beginner or a pro-athlete, everyone can benefit from this full-body, muscle toning, training workout that’s more than just childhood nostalgia. Studios like TrampoLEAN in NYC utilize smaller trampolines and other accessories, including resistance bands, to help you focus on balance while getting your cardio on. Plus, rebounding classes are low-impact, so your joints won’t be hurting post-class!  


bootcamp circuit training outdoor workout

Outdoor Bootcamp / Circuit Training

Add a little fresh air to your workout by welcoming the warmer months with an invigorating bootcamp or circuit training class outside. Many studios on Mindbody offer workouts in local parks (and parking lots). Work on your strength while challenging your body in a new environment. Say goodbye to those gym walls and hello to blue skies! 



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Whether you're looking to take to the air or want to keep your feet on the ground, elevate your fitness routine and get after your goals with Mindbody

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Brittany Raine
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A free-spirited farmgirl from New York, Brittany traded her job as a journalist and newspaper editor for the San Diego sunshine. Brittany now leads the curation of all creative content. There are rumors she was Middle Earth's warrior elven queen in a past life.
people in upward dog practicing yoga on mats
Published Wednesday Jul 28, 2021 by Bree Lewis

Sweat Redemption: 5 Tips for Getting Back Into Your Hot Yoga Practice

Expert Advice

If you’ve ever taken a hot yoga class, you know it’s always going to be one thing—outrageously hot. Not the “let’s hang by the pool and get that sun-kissed glow” kind of hot either. I’m talking that “I can't believe I have this much sweat in my body” and “I may or may not pass out” kind of hot. It’s nothing to mess around with, and after a year or so of not being able to go, it’s easy to forget just how serious that heat can be.

To get the maximum enjoyment and benefits out of your heated yoga classes, you need to prepare yourself before and take care of yourself afterward. Luckily, I’ve been taking some classes (sweating enough for the both of us) and I’ve listed my five favorite must-dos to help you readjust to your heated classes and get back to the hot yoga summer that we all want.

1. Go at your own pace

Heated classes are difficult in nature. The normal difficulty of regular poses is mixed in with the added challenges of sweating and dealing with the humidity and the heat (at times, I’ve seen the thermostat climb to 108 degrees—yikes!). Depending on what type of yoga class you’re taking (sculpt, Bikram, power vinyasa), the difficulty level and temperature are going to vary. It’s also important to remember that each person in the room is going to practice in a way that’s unique to them. Hours slept, hydration levels, food intake, and different lifestyles are all contributing factors that make our practices different. What you practice on your mat is your own––trust your body and only do what feels right to you.  And remember, it’s okay to take breaks!

2. Hydrate like your life depends on it (honestly, it might)

The rise in temperature mixed in with the humidity that we all know and love creates the perfect recipe for sweating—like A LOT. You go into a heated class dry and come out feeling like you just took a dip in the pool. Before heated classes, I had no idea it was physically possible to sweat that much. If you’re going to a heated class, especially after a long break, it’s easy to forget just how much you might sweat. Is it possible to lose that much water if you haven’t consumed it first? Trust me, going into your heated class super hydrated is going to make a world of difference and help you feel good throughout your practice. And don’t forget to take some sips of H2O while you’re practicing!  

3. Nourish your body

Heated classes are challenging, but I can’t stop going. Nothing quite compares to overcoming the challenge— and experiencing the cleanse my body feels after I’m done. It’s the perfect blend of hard and rewarding, but I couldn’t do it if my body wasn’t properly nourished. On the days I know I have a heated class booked; I like to make sure I am eating right. I make sure to take my vitamins and fuel my body with fruits, vegetables, and my favorite superfood shake. I hold off on food about an hour before my practice, so I feel comfortable. After the class, I like to replenish with a big protein shake (boosted with collagen to aid with muscle recovery and skin elasticity). There is no one-way path for properly nourishing your body but making sure you’re fueled for the challenge of a heated class is essential for getting the most out of your practice and feeling good on and off your mat.

4. Replenish those electrolytes

Increasing and maintaining your water intake on the days you take a heated class is important, but sometimes you need something a little extra. If you’re sweating that much, you’re basically an athlete (at least in my book) and if you’re performing like a rockstar yogi, you need to hydrate like one as well. That means replenishing those lost electrolytes. Reward yourself and your body for the hard work and treat yourself to your favorite drink. I switch off between electrolyte-boosting drinks and coconut water depending on what I’m in the mood for that day. Adding these to my post-practice self-care routine has helped me feel more hydrated after and ready to take on the world again after especially sweaty classes.

5. Bring the right equipment

Usually, a yoga mat is all you need for your practice––but heated classes are a different ballgame. I’ve gone with just a mat, and I’ve slipped all over the place. Let me tell you, there’s nothing worse than having sweat drip all over the place while you’re trying to hold a pose that makes you grip your mat for dear life (never again). Make sure you bring a towel to place over your mat, this will help with support and grip. Bringing a smaller towel is also a good idea. You can use the smaller towel to dry yourself off during water breaks or whenever you’re feeling just a bit too sweaty. This is a small step that makes a world of difference during those super-hot classes.

So, there you have it. Five of my favorite tips (more like lifesavers) that have helped me readjust to those heated classes I love so much. Getting back into it is a challenge for us all, so know you’re not alone. No matter where you’re at in your practice, remember to be kind and gentle to yourself––celebrating your health and your body’s ability to do what you love. We’re all just getting back out there, together.

Ready to jump back into your hot yoga routine? Browse Mindbody to find the perfect class for you

While you’re at it, check out some Intro Offers near you that can help you get back to your cadence of hot yoga classes.

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Written by
Bree Lewis
Marketing Content Associate
About the author
Born and raised in a small mountain town just south of Yosemite National Park, Bree is an avid lover of health, wellness, and connecting to the outside world around us. As a Cal Poly English major alumn, she has a knack for books, writing, and all things words. In her free time, she enjoys being outside, drinking craft beers, and keeping life jazzy!