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Published Wednesday Sep 09, 2020 by Denise Prichard

How to Find the Top Yoga Studios in San Francisco


The Mindbody Wellness Index is released each year to highlight the most active cities in America. It should come as no surprise that San Francisco made the cut in 2020—landing in the number two spot with over 83% of all SF residents saying they work out at least once a week. On top of their fitness fanaticism, folks in the Bay Area are mindful about eating healthy, too—the city’s residents nabbed the number three spot in the healthiest cities in America due to their high intake of fresh fruits and veggies. Or maybe this city is so physically fit because it happens to have the densest population of wellness businesses in the country, with over sixteen per square mile.  

Whatever it may be—it’s safe to say that San Franciscans pack a serious punch when it comes to their wellness game.  

As for yoga, San Franciscans also like to get their flow on weekly—with around 17% of residents who regularly work out opting for a restorative yoga class and 13% rolling out their mats for a power flow at least once per week.  

With so many businesses dedicated to providing exceptional yoga classes in San Francisco, it may be difficult to find the perfect studio for you. To help you find the best yoga studio in San Francisco, check this step-by-step guide to choosing the best experience. 

San Francisco yoga

Read the reviews 

Before booking a yoga class, see what people are saying. Think about it—you wouldn’t eat at a restaurant that consistently got one-star reviews, would you? But places with high praise and five-star reviews deserve a visit or two, am I right? Well, why would your methodology be any different when booking a yoga class?  

Reading reviews is probably the best way to learn if a studio’s pros outweigh their cons—or vice versa. By checking out ratings in the Mindbody app, you can learn about what fellow yogis like or dislike about the studio, find out what to expect when you take one of their classes, get a sense of what the teachers are like, and more. 

dani schenone instructor bio

Find your perfect instructor 

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, the best yoga classes are the ones that have teachers you can connect with. With the Mindbody app, you can easily learn about a studio’s instructors and their teaching style. Whether you’re looking for a teacher that emphasizes long meditations or one that encourages dancing in your downward-facing dog, you’ll be able to get a sense of what a certain teacher’s class has to offer by checking out their bio before booking.  

Explore different class styles 

Whether you’ve been going to the same Vinyasa class for years or you’re just starting out in your yoga practice, you may be unaware of all the different styles of yoga available in San Francisco. From traditional classes like Ashtanga to the recently popular Buti yoga, your options are pretty much endless. However, it’s important to note that not every studio offers every style of yoga—one studio may boast the best restorative yoga class with crystal singing bowl therapy, while another studio is breaking the mold with their hip-hop yoga classes. Use the Mindbody app to access each San Francisco studio’s class schedule to make sure your yoga preferences align with their offerings.  

Virtual Yoga SF

Make virtual a reality 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, virtual class offerings have been front-and-center in fitness and have enabled folks all over the world to stick to their wellness goals. With 91% of group fitness studios offering live stream and/or on demand classes, those who are ready to get their asana on have plenty of virtual yoga classes to try all over San Francisco—whether they live there or not.  

Not sure how to find the perfect virtual yoga class for you? Let’s break it down.

On Mindbody.io, click the box that says ‘search for anything’ and select ‘fitness.’ Then, click ‘classes’ on the top left, set your ‘fitness type’ to yoga and select ‘virtual classes’ to see all the upcoming classes available. (Or, just click this link and we’ll do it for you.) 

On the Mindbody app, search classes in San Francisco, click filter to select 'Yoga' as your fitness category, and toggle 'Virtual Classes' on (or click here).

Yoga in San Fran

Explore your neighborhood 

Whether you’re a local and want to find a studio that’s within walking distance of your Bay Area apartment or you live outside the city and need to take BART to your yoga classes, location-based browsing can be your best friend. Whether you’re eager to try an outdoor yoga class in Washington Park in North Beach or looking to squeeze in a yoga class after work in the Financial District, you can find tons of different yoga classes to try all over the city.  

Since traveling to other cities throughout the country is on a bit of a hiatus right now, make it your mission to do a tour of your beautiful city this year. Use Mindbody to see all the yoga studio options your city has to offer in each neighborhood. Maybe you’re down(dog) to try a meditation class in Haight-Ashbury one weekend and beach yoga at Baker Beach the next. The world—or city—is your oyster!   

These tips should be enough to get you started on your journey to finding the best yoga classes in San Francisco. Ready to start flowing with the best studios, teachers, and fellow yogis in San Francisco?  Head on over to Mindbody and start browsing.

denise prichard
Written by
Denise Prichard
Marketing Content Specialist
About the author
Denise Prichard is a certified yoga instructor (RYT-200) and an experienced content marketing professional with a penchant for writing compelling copy within the health, wellness and beauty industries. When she isn't writing or editing, you can find her teaching yoga classes, at a spin class or hanging out with her rescue pups.
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Published Thursday Oct 08, 2020 by Sara Lesher

Gratuity Guide: How to Tip a Hair Stylist (and Show You Care)


Tipping. While it can be a taboo topic that no one really wants to talk about publicly, the fact is, it’s a very important one that shouldn’t (and can’t) be avoided. This is all too true, especially now, when it comes to beauty services. Even before, “all of this” happened, there appeared to be some ambiguity about exactly how much to tip, when, what’s a respectable amount, and why. Now that we’ve tried our best at #homebeauty, it’s time to head back to the salons, spas, and other boutique beauty businesses (if you haven’t already). We’re here to guide you through gratuity in the new normal and why tipping a little extra to show your stylists and service providers you care during this tough time is the right thing to do.  

To make sure we get you all the right answers, we asked around about it (so you don’t have to). Turns out, our Instagram followers had a lot to say about how to tip your stylists and show them some extra love right now. 

Here’s what you think: 

You’ve already been tipping more 

79% of you said you’ve been tipping more for beauty services recently. We’re all so grateful for our stylists—with split ends, grown-out roots, out-of-control brows, and terrible home-cut bangs to prove it. And now that many of us can return to our salons and spas, we’re appreciating the ones who help us feel beautiful even more right now. 

But, how much more? 

We got a range of responses to this question. Some said they tip 5% more than they previously did, and many said 25%-35% total! Not only are these stylists actual artists, but they’re providing services we just can’t do ourselves. On top of that, many had to close their doors for several months, many were displaced as their salons shut down for good, and all of them are trying their best to get back to a sense of normalcy and do what they do best—help us look and feel beautiful. So, take this as a guide. Tip what you can but remember how much these wonderful people do for us.

New services are not top priority (yet) 

When it comes to trying new services, 69% of you gave it a big fat NO, while 31% remain intrigued. It makes sense that many would stick to their go-tos right now, as salons are just starting to reopen in some areas or may not be open yet at all.  

Depending on where you live and your overall health, you might be sticking with the bare minimum for now. But if your city has put in place safe reopening guidelines and measures, and you feel ready to head back out there, you can do so safely at a Mindbody salon. And you may be interested in trying out some new services right now as a way to show your local salons some extra support. If that’s you, browse beauty on the Mindbody app—and filter your categories to find out what’s out there.

Why retail therapy is important

Another way you can support your stylists right now? Shopping. It’s the safest way to show them some love without actually going in for a treatment. Many salons offer pre-payment on the Mindbody app and curbside pickup or a plethora of shipping methods, so you can keep contact to a minimum as much as possible. Plus, they have some pretty great stuff. If you need to invest in a good shampoo—especially because you haven’t gotten your hair done in months—so why not buy it from your stylist?  According to our poll, it’s a pretty even split. 55% of you haven’t bought any products yet, while the other 45% have been shopping away. If you’re part of that 55, consider checking out your salon’s product offerings (you might see something you like)

Anything else? 

Finally, we asked you all open-endedly how else you’re supporting your stylists right now. We got a lot of great answers. There was a lot of overlap, but we thought you might like to see some of the ones that stood out. So, if we didn’t cover it all so far, we’re about to—because you all are awesome and you did it for us. Here are some of the great ideas you had: 
    •    “Paying in advance!” 

    •    “Being more diligent about scheduling appointments versus letting my hair grow out” 

    •    “Referring friends!” 

    •    “Being flexible” (this is a good one—check out the 5 things your stylist wants you to know before you book) 

    •    “Scheduling my next cut before I leave!” 

    •    “Sharing their photos on Instagram and telling friends!” 


So, if you’re a stylist reading this, thank you. We all want to continue showing you support during this time and beyond. And if you’re a regular person like me who really needs her highlights done, just schedule the damn appointment already (if you feel comfortable) or buy some purple shampoo from your favorite salon.

Sara Lesher
Written by
Sara Lesher
Marketing Content Associate
About the author
Spoiled by the San Diego sunshine, Sara’s hobbies include beaching, hiking, concert-going, and brewery-hopping. As Mindbody’s marketing content associate, she naturally loves reading and writing… so if you have any book recommendations, let her know. And just between us: she’s committed to health and wellness but loves a good taco (shoutout TJ Tacos in Escondido).