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Mindbody Gift Guide
Published Friday Nov 20, 2020 by Sara Lesher

Gift Guide 2020: The Perfect Ideas for Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Renewal

woman meditating

For the "I let things build up to the point I need to be reminded to breathe" person... 

  • Send them on a journey with a virtual guided meditation or yoga class 

  • Go touchless at the spa with salt therapy, compression therapy, a float tank session, or infrared sauna 

  • Up their nap game with a weighted blanket or comfy PJ set 

  • Get ready for movie night with a popcorn machine

We all know someone like this. Or maybe we know someone who has just become this person recently due to added stress. The perfect type of gift for a person like this?  
Dedicated self-care time. 30 minutes or an hour of uninterrupted time for relaxing, something they may not make time for themselves. This can be in the form of a virtual guided meditation or yoga class, or a touchless spa treatment such as salt therapy, compression therapy, a float tank session, or time in an infrared sauna. Plus, a lot of you said your guilty pleasure was napping, sleeping in, or binge-watching TV shows. Consider getting this person a weighted blanket, comfy PJ set, or popcorn machine to encourage some rest time! 

salon client getting hair blowdried

For the "I just need some sense of normal, please" person... 

Maybe they have the whole relaxation thing down, but they really just want to feel a sense of normalcy right now. Get them an airbrush tan so they can pretend they actually had a summer this year, or maybe a blowout or makeover for their holiday dinner or New Year's celebration (even if it’s virtual!). Or, if they have a backyard, and they’re typically a big camper, get them a firepit they can set up and make s’mores on! It’s the little things. 

woman painting nails

For the "Everything's fine (but definitely could be better)" person... 

  • Pamper them with a face mask 

  • Set the mood with a bath bomb 

  • Bring the salon home with nail polish 

  • Get cozy with fuzzy slippers 

  • Find ambiance with scented candles 

  • Treat them with ice cream and/or chocolate 

Similar to the “lets things build up” person, but very different. This person looks like they’re absolutely killing this whole COVID thing. But you’ve noticed they haven’t taken any time for themself in a while. For this person, we suggest looking on retail sites of your local salons and spas and putting together a little gift basket perfect for pampering. Include a hair mask, a face mask, a bath bomb, some nail polish, scented candles, fuzzy slippers...all the workings for a perfect spa night in. Don’t forget to ask their family members or roommates to help make sure they have a night uninterrupted. Oh, and definitely throw in some ice cream or chocolate. Those have been a big hit this year. 

Woman getting facial

For the "I wanna look super great on Zoom" person... 

  • Get them selfie-ready with a ring light 

  • Show of their smile with some bright lipstick 

  • Smooth their skin with a facial or moisturizer (no beauty filter needed!) 

  • Fix those flyaways with a hair treatment 

  • Get spiffy from the waist up with a nice new shirt 

  • Create a Zoom background paradise with some new office plants 

Just because we’re all working from home, doesn’t mean big presentations and important meetings have been canceled. And sometimes, lighting does not do us any favors on those Zoom calls. For someone who needs a little help in this department, consider ring lights, bright lipstick, moisturizer, facials, hair treatments, a nice shirt (pants not necessary), or even some items to spruce up their background (you can never go wrong with plants).

Building a Wellness Business That Lasts Book Cover

For the “I should finally start a business” entrepreneur person...

  • Get fancy with a standing desk 

  • Get mobile with wireless headphones 

  • Get classy with artwork/ décor 

  • Get comfy with a nice new office chair 

  • Get caffeinated with an espresso machine 

  • Get insights with a new book 

For many, 2020 has been a year of slowing down and rethinking priorities. Maybe you know someone who has taken this time to finally dive back into their dream of starting a business, or maybe they already have and could use some additional support! For this person, consider getting them some practical items to create an awesome home office space. Many of you invested in standing desks, wireless headphones, artwork/décor, or nice, comfy office chairs to make your space welcoming and your attitude productive. One of you even bought a $600 espresso machine—we’re jealous. And if their goal is to start a wellness business—or gain some insights from a successful entrepreneur—you may want to gift them with Building a Wellness Business That Lasts: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love, written by Mindbody’s founder, Rick Stollmeyer. 

For the “I don’t need new hobbies” person... 
  • Just get them wine 

We can’t finish this guide without acknowledging the huge number of responses that mentioned wine. Some of you even put it into the hobbies category (hey, we respect it). If you’re considering a gift that keeps on giving, think about a wine delivery subscription—or just a one-time large quantity of wine.  

For anyone else... 

Consider these gifts as a show of support for the salons and spas that have kept you well this year and before. 

  • Swag from your favorite studios (sweatshirts, yoga pants, resistance bands, etc.) 

  • Beauty products from the best salons (hair products, manicure kits, skincare, etc.) 

  • Spa essentials from your local wellness businesses (essential oils, candles, face masks, etc.) 

This year is a strange one, to say the least, and we’re doing our best to remind one another that we’re all in this together. So just because your holidays might look a little different this year, don’t forget to show your loved ones you care by giving the gift of wellness (whatever it may look like).

Sara Lesher
Written by
Sara Lesher
Marketing Content Associate
About the author
Spoiled by the San Diego sunshine, Sara’s hobbies include beaching, hiking, concert-going, and brewery-hopping. As Mindbody’s marketing content associate, she naturally loves reading and writing… so if you have any book recommendations, let her know. And just between us: she’s committed to health and wellness but loves a good taco (shoutout TJ Tacos in Escondido).
shanila sattar
Published Wednesday Mar 17, 2021 by Shanila Sattar

Foundational Steps to Cultivating a Daily Self-love Practice

Expert Advice
Personal Growth

When you think of self-love what do you think of? Bubble baths, walks on the beach, facemasks, or what? Self-love can mean so many different things but when we think about self-love, we have to acknowledge loving ourselves both on the outside and on the inside. The way that we show ourselves love is one of the most important things we will ever do. 

How do we treat ourselves? How do we talk to ourselves? What foods are we putting into our bodies? How are we thinking about our overall well-being when practicing self-love?

As self-love defines and redefined itself for you over the years, here are a few foundational tips to think about when easing into your self-love journey.


Step 1: Learn to set boundaries

Don’t we love this one? Loving ourselves has a lot to do with the boundaries that we have for ourselves, with others, and for others. Take time to think about your own emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs when setting boundaries that reflect your personal needs. Boundaries don’t have to be big and scary; they are here to remind us that you get to have your lived experience and still have expectations about how you’d like to be treated and what you’d like to feel.

When thinking about your boundaries, ask yourself:

  • How do I feel without having boundaries?
  • What would I like to have boundaries around?
  • Are my boundaries actual boundaries or am I creating walls in my life?
  • How do I plan to uphold my boundaries?
Step 2: Cultivate self-compassion

In a world where perfectionism and curated existences have been rewarded, begin to cultivate compassion for yourself. You are a soul having a human experience and it’s totally okay if things are not perfect. 

Mindfulness exercises such as Breathwork, self-care activities, and self-compassion, all help train the mind, emotions, and even the body’s stress chemicals to be able to deal with undesired situations. Self-compassion means, can you be nice to yourself? Can you find empathy and kindness for yourself in the middle of what feels chaotic, stressful, or unwanted? Self-compassion means that we get to make mistakes, have our plans not work out the way that we wanted, and we still get to celebrate that we are doing the best that we can and it is enough.

When thinking about self-compassion, ask yourself:

  • How do I respond to stressful situations?
  • How hard am I on myself?
  • How do I celebrate myself?
  • How do I show myself kindness?
Step 3: Nourish yourself

In every sense of the word “nourishment”, begin to learn what nourishes you and what depletes you. Nourishment doesn’t just mean food for yourself; it means that whatever you are consuming whether it be media, podcasts, people, energy, information, etc. all impact the way that we think, feel, and experience life.

Nourishing yourself definitely goes right along the lines of having your boundaries intact and practicing self-compassion. 

When thinking about nourishment, ask yourself:

  • How do I nourish my emotional well-being?
  • How do I nourish my mental well-being?
  • How do I nourish my physical well-being?
  • How do I nourish my spiritual well-being?
  • How do I nourish my social well-being?
  • How do I nourish my financial well-being?

That’s it. Those are the foundational steps to cultivating a self-love practice that you can ease into your daily routine. Come back to these questions often, because like anything else, self-love is a practice and it takes effort, time, and intention to maintain. 

If you’d like to try breathwork, mindfulness, or play classes with me, check out these workshops and training sessions that work with your schedule. For other breathwork classes, browse Mindbody.


About the author
Shanila is a 4th generation sound healer, breathwork coach, mentor, women’s researcher, and speaker. She is the Founder of AlwaysPlayStudios where she trains breathwork facilitators and sound healers. Her background is in tech, having co-founded an award-winning web agency, and in women’s research, specifically in mindsets, implicit bias, perfectionism, women's health, and societal experiences supported through the National Science Foundation, National Institute of Health, and several universities. She has implemented several health and wellbeing programs in underserved populations throughout the US. Shanila mentors healers on their healing and intuitive wellness journeys. Connect: @shanila.sattar