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What is cycling?

Indoor cycling classes take place in a studio with stationary bikes and heart-pumping music. If that isn’t enough to entice you yet, these low impact classes are easy on the joints and strengthen your legs (like, every muscle) as well as your core.

Word to the wise

How to be ready

Cycling classes are no ride in the park, but they may simulate one—especially if that park has hills—with varying intensities created by changing resistance, pedal speed, and standing or sitting. Try to arrive early for your first class so you can ask your instructor for help adjusting your bike height and to go over the basics.

What to wear to cycling class: workout clothes (no restrictions here—shorts or leggings are both okay).

What to bring: Clip-in cycling shoes (some studios require and most have rentals), a water, and a small towel

Types of Cycling

Pick up the pace with these classes

Although every studio is different, cycling classes follow a pretty similar concept and format (bikes, music, lots of sweat, endorphins… doesn’t get much better). In addition to the classic classes, we’ve seen some new trends emerging, too:

Combo cycling
Combo cycling

Looking for a way to multitask your fitness? A lot of studios are combining cycling classes with another workout (Pilates, core work, bootcamp, weight training, etc). Starting with one then moving to the other, these hybrid classes are a great way to get your cardio and strength training done in one.

Virtual cycling
Virtual cycling

While most classes use your imagination as you’re grinding up a hill, some cycling studios incorporate technology to actually give you a virtual view of where you’re going. With large digital screens, you’ll feel like you’re biking outside those four walls through a real(ish) exciting scene.

Competitive cycling
Competitive cycling

If you’re all about knowing where you rank in a class and constantly pushing your PR, classes that incorporate leaderboards and stats are for you. Some studios display your progress in real time at the front of the class, so you can see exactly where you stand—and what it takes to get to the top.

Aqua cycling
Aqua cycling

Calling all mer-people: underwater cycling exists and yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds. The water adds extra resistance to your bike, is great for people with injuries looking for extra joint support, and keeps you cool.

RealRyder® cycling
RealRyder® cycling

Unlike most stationary bikes, RealRyder® bikes move side to side with you, giving you that “real bike” feel as you turn, steer, and balance your way to a bigger burn. Classes that use these state-of-the-art bikes will have you moving and grooving while you get your sculpt on. 

Turn it up and tap it back. 

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